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Nihon Koku's Benihime,
 Dutch Junior Champion, Dutch Junior Winner'08, Belgian Winner'09
Dutch Winner'10, Dutch Winner'11
Dutch Champion, Belgian Champion, Luxembourg Champion

Kiyo, almost two years old

On october 23, 2013, after a short but intense illness, we had to put Kiyo to sleep. Nihon Koku's Benihime, our beloved Red Princess. We miss you girl!

Nihon Koku's Benihime, called Kiyo is bred by ourselves. Benihime means Red Princess, which is is highly appropriate, given her beutiful deep red color.  She is from our B-litter, born on January 1, 2008 from our bitch Champion Megasthenes Ekira x Multi Champion Isan òd Janusòw.
Kiyo is a large, well constructed bitch with an expressive head and a nice red color. Physically and mentally Kiyo is far from mature, she often behaves like a young, clumsy bouncing ball, but very affectionate and with a tiny heart.
Kiyo has now been shown by us on several shows in the Netherlands and in Belgium and from the different judges she received wonderful qualifications. She was several times placed first, as best in her class and even as best of breed. Because of the excellent results she already gained the official titles of Dutch Junior Champion(NJK), Junior Winner 2008 (JW'08), Belgian Winner 2009, Dutch Champion, Belgian Champion, Luxembourg Champion, Dutch Winner 2010 and Dutch Winner 2011. With achieving these titles she certainly follows in the footsteps of her mother Ekira, father Isan and further ancestors.

April 17, 2010: at Dogshow Goes, in Goes, The Netherlands, Kiyo became Dutch Champion.
May 2, 2010: at the Braboshow in Antwerp, Belgium, out of 4 Tosa's Kiyo became best female and and earned her last CAC needed for the title of Belgium Champion.
June 6, 2010: at the International Show in Tilburg, Kiyo received from the Belgian judge Roosenboom qualification 1 Excellent BOB. Later that day at final group judging of FCI group 2, where from all best of breeds, the best of the entire group is chosen, dhr.Roosenboom placed Kiyo as eighth in the group. For a Tosa this is really an exceptionally good result and we are obviously very proud! See "News and show agenda" for the wonderful judging report.
November 27, 2010: at the biggest dogshow in the Netherlands, the Winner Amsterdam, Kiyo became best female and earned the title of Winner 2010.  This was the only official Dutch title still missing in her show career!
March 26, 2011: Out of 5 females Kiyo became best bitch and Luxembourg Champion at the International Dogshow Luxembourg.
November 26, 2011: At the Winner Show in Amsterdam 5 females were present. The Swedish judge Dan Ericsson appointed Kiyo as best female, which earned her the official title Dutch Winner 2011. This is her second official Dutch Winner title in a row!


Kiyo, june 2010, Best of Breed in Tilburg


Kiyo, 1 year old





Kiyo's mother: Champion Megasthenes Ekira


Kiyo's father: Multi Champion Isan òd Janusòw




Kiyo, 1 year old


Kiyo, almost 2 years old


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