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Puppy planning Nihon Koku's Jack Russell Terriërs

We are members of the official Dutch breedclub NVJRT and as Club Breeders we breed according to the regulations of the NVJRT.

November 26, 2018: We are expecting Jack Russell Terrier puppies around Christmas 2018!
We are expecting one more litter for 2018, with our female Mika (Pikkuveijarin Saletisti Natsaa) If all goes well her puppies will be born around Christmas 2018. 
The father of this expected litter will be Marklivet JR O'Brian, called Vidar. Vidar is a beautiful male, owned by Anja and Leon Suurmond-Bakx
Jack Russell Terrier Kennel Of Free Spirit, they imported Vidar from Norway.  
So, with Mika originating from Finland and Vidar from Norway, this will be a Scandinavian love affair!!
Vidar has proven to give fantastic puppies and his pedigree fits perfectly with Mika's pedigree.
Both Mika and Vidar are white and tan with a rough coat, and it is to be expected that their puppies will be like that too.
Here you can see the pedigree of their puppies:  http://ingrus.net/russell/en/testmating.php?female=13561&male=15531&gens=4
If you are interested in one of these puppies, please contact us!

NL Ch Marklivet JR O'Brian (Vidar)   x   NL BE Ch Pikkuveijarin Saletisti Natsaa



Hera's puppies were born on July 2, 2018

Our Jack Russell Terrier puppies were born on July 2, 2018 !!
They are three males, all 3 white and tan. The birth went smoothly and mother Hera and her sons are doing very well!
Because the weather has been very warm and sunny in the Netherlands for some weeks now, we have chosen the sun as inspiration for their names.
The boys got these pedigree names:
Nihon Koku's Solar Power
Nihon Koku's Solar Storm
Nihon Koku's Total Solar Eclipse
Here you can see their pedigree: http://ingrus.net/russell/en/details.php?id=19467
For more pictures you can take a look at their own album on Facebook


We are expecting a summer 2018 JRT litter:

We are expecting a new JRT litter from our Hera, Jackdivision Adele Sing Forever.

As a sire for this litter we also choose Marklivet JR O'Brian, because he has proven to give fantastic puppies and, in terms of their pedigree, fits perfectly with Hera.
If everything goes well, the pups will be born in the 1st week of July 2018.
Both Hera and Vidar have a rough coat, their puppies are expected to have a rough coat or maybe broken-coat.
Because Hera is 3-color and Vidar is white/brown their puppies can be either 3-color or white/brown, this is impossible to predict, the birth will show this!

The pedigree of this planned litter:


Expected in the first week of July 2018


2017 Our Jack Russell Terrier puppies are born!

On wednesday November 22, 2017 the puppies out of Zorah x Vidar were born. There are 1 boy and 2 girls. Zorah and her puppies are doing well.
All 3 puppies are spoken for.




October 22, 2017: Puppies expected around November 21, 2017        

An ultrasound confirmed Zorah is expecting puppies, they will be born around November 21, 2017. The father of this expected litter is Marklivet JR O'Brian, called Vidar. Vidar is a beautiful young male, owned by Anja and Leon Suurmond-Bakx of Jack Russell Terrier Kennel Of Free Spirit, they imported Vidar from Norway.

In 2017 still belonging in Junior Class at dogshows, Vidar became Dutch Junior Champion and Benelux Junior Winner.
This will be the pedigree of the puppies by Zorah and Vidar:  
Because Zorah is tri-color and Vidar white/tan it is expected that there will be both 3-colored and white/tan puppies in this litter. This can not be determined in advance, only time will tell!

June 20, 2017:
The puppies of Mika and Igor are born. Alas it was a somewhat difficult birth and only two of the puppies survived. But at the end of the day luckily Mika was doing well and she had two healthy sons. They are called Nihon Koku's Limited Edition and Nihon Koku's Exclusive Edition. 
Both boys will leave to their owners in the 3rd week og August 2017.


Nihon Koku's Limited Edition, 12 days old


Nihon Koku's Exclusive Edition, 12 days old



The two brothers, 3 weeks old


6 1/2 weeks ols


Puppies expected around June 24, 2017
On April 22, 2017 Mika went to stay with Jack-Tonic World Collection for a few days and on May 22, 2017 through an ultrasound our vet confirmed that she is pregnant! If all goes well the puppies will be born around June 24, 2017.

Jack-Tonic World Collection, called Igor,  is co-owned by Jasper Kok and Anja Suurmond of Jack Russell Terrier kennel Of Free Spirit
Igor is a very well built male. Though still young he's already been very succesful on shows, he became Best Of Breed multiple times. He became Dutch Junior Champion in 2016 and also Best of Breed and Best in Show at the official Championship Clubmatch of the Dutch Jack Russell Terrier Club and with that he gained the official titel "Club Winner 2016". In 2017 Igor also became Luxembourg Junior Champion.
We are very much looking forward to the arrival of these puppies.
Take a look at their pedigree:    http://ingrus.net/russell/en/testmating.php?female=13561&male=14273&gens=5 


JRT litters 2017: 
In 2017 we are planning one or two Jack Russell Terrier litters. When exactly this will be, we can not yet say, as this is entirely dependent on the cycle of the females. Of course we will announce it immediately when more is known.
In addition, we also always make our plans visible through the official pupinfo of the breedclub NVJRT.

June 26,2016:
Zorah's puppies are born, there are 2, a 3-colored male and a white/brown female. Both of them are reserved.
On Facebook as "Nihon Koku Jack Russell Terriers" we have a photo album of this litter. Because of the season in which they were born, this is our "Midsummer Night" litter.
End of August 2016, these puppies went to their happy owners.


Nihon Koku's A Midsummer Night Dream


Nihon Koku's Midsummer Fairy Queen

April 25, 2016: We are planning our 3rd Jack Russell Terrier litter.
On april 25, 2016 our 3-colored female Zorah was bred to the young male Midnight Rider of Free Spirit. If all goes according to plan for both this will be their 1s litter and the puppies will be born around june 26, 2016.
Rider is a son of the excellent male Kjennekrokens Spirit of Norway, who was the father of Mika's 1st litter. Rider is the spitting image of his father Spirit. You can find more info about Rider and his father Spirit on the website
Kennel Of Free Spirit



On december 18, 2015 our 2nd litter was born And again it was a Scandinavian love affair!
Mika got 3 puppies, 2 males and 1 female.
The male that we chose for this litter was born in Sweden, at the very well known Jack Russell kennel Saltisgårdens. 
His name is Saltisgårdens von Schneider, owned by Bernadette Wülfing, Kennel Von Wallmichrath in Germany. His nickname is Pluto.
Pluto is a beautiful, breed typical male with a very nice character. In the course of time Pluto has gained several beautiful championship titles. More info about Pluto on the website of
Kennel von Wallmichrath

Pluto x Mika 


April, 2014:

For our 1st litter from Mika we have chosen the male Kjennekrokens Spirit of Norway, called Spirit , owned by Anja and Leon Suurmond, kennel of Free Spirit
Anja and Leon imported Spirit from Norway, so, with Mika originating from Finland this is a Scandinavian love affair!
Spirit is a beautiful , broken coated male and with his appearance, character and pedigree he is a perfect match with Mika.

In the first week of April 2014 Mika stayed at Spirit's for a few days and mated with him.
Anja and Leon, thanks you for taking such good care of Mika during her sleepover with you !

End of april 2014 the ultrasound showed only 1 puppy.

On june 1, 2014 Mika's puppy was born, a beautiful male. Because both of his parentes come from Scandinavia we decided to call him after the Scandic god of thunder and named him Thundering Thor. 

Nihon Koku Jack Russell Terriers & Japanese Tosa's | nihonkoku@zeelandnet.nl