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About Us
The people behind Nihon Koku Tosa Inu

We are Ans van Zon and Rob Schoenmaker and we live in The Netherlands in the little town Zierikzee in the province Zeeland.

We are both certified dogtrainers at 

Hondenschool Schouwen-Duiveland 

We have had dogs for about 30 years, our first dogs were a Belgian Tervueren  and a little Jack Russell terrier. 

About 16 years ago our interest in the Tosa was awoken by an article in the then still existing Dutch dogmagazine "Dogs with Spirit". After we had obtained more information we decided this would become our future dog.

After a few years later, at the age of 16, our Tervueren passed away we  searched for Tosa breeders an thus we came in contact with Robert Schol and Mariska Schrieken of Megasthenes Tosa Inu's 
Two years later, in 2001, we got our first Tosa, the male Megasthenes Chintarou. Living with Chintarou  our truth passion for the Tosa awoke and in 2003 we decided to get a second one, a female from the Megasthenes E-litter, her name is Ekira.

As a puppy Ans took Ekira to some dogshows and  because Ekira got very promissing reports from the different judges Ans became enthusiast she carried on showing Ekira in The Netherlands and Belgium. Thus in The Netherlands Ekira became Dutch Champion,  Winner 2006 and Winner 2007 and in Belgium she became Belgian Champion and Belgian Winner.

Because of these results we decided to take on the new challenge of breeding Tosa´s with Ekira.* 
For our kennel name we chose "Nihon Koku", which means "Land of the Rising Sun" We found this a very appropriate name for a Japanese dogbreed.
In all these years the little Jack Russell Terrier continued to attract us as a breed and eventually, early 2012, we decided that the time had come to once again add one to our family.
After carefully looking around and contact with various breeders, both domestic and abroad, from Anne Koskela, kennel
Pikkuveijarin in Finland, we acquired a female with the difficult Finnish name Pikkuveijarin Saletisti Natsaa. We call her Mika. In May 2012 Ans took a one day return flight from Brussels to Helsinki and picked her up. Mika has her own page on our website.

At the end of 2014, from breeder Ivica Vasičin in Serbia, we bought a second Jack Russel Terrier female, a little tri-colored rough haired with the official name Amazing Little Penelope, we call her Zorah.
Zorah also has her own page on our website.

In 2016 we added a 3rd Jack Russell Terrier female to our pack. Her name is Jackdivision Adele Sing Forever, called Hera. Hera was bred by Tatiana Rogozhkina in Tula, Russia. Hera has a rough coat and is tri-colored. Of course Hera got her own page on our website.
By now we've bred 10 Jack Russell Terrier litters with our females Mika, Zorah and Hera. Our last litter thusfar was born June 5, 2020.
We hope that our Siri will become the mother of our next litter. She will turn two years old in December 2020. From about 20 months old she is old enough to have a 1st litter, so it remains to be seen whether she will be in heat at the right age. Which male we choose for her is not yet known. 
Information about our breeding plans can be found at
JRT Puppy Planning

Puppies are born and raised inside our home, for the best possible socialization.
We are members of the recognized breedclubs and breed according to their terms and conditions.
Puppies receive an official FCI pedigree with corresponding microchip. They get a European pet passport and at departure to their owners they are vaccinated, dewormed and checked several times by our vet.

Of course we will keep you informed about that on this website.
If you are interested in one of our future puppies, please contact us via

*Important note:
Because we don't have a Tosa female anymore that's suitable for breeding we have stopped breeding Tosa's






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